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The Slang

Test, the – to check if an item contains a spirit by trying to break it.
Question, the – the daily occurrence of a mental challenge that happens to every human being on Earth.

Unchainable slang
Artifact – an item with a spirit residing in it. Equal to the shaman Vessel.
Betrayal – the act of an Unchainable willingly binding to an item (answering the Question positively).
Charter – a group of Nobles whose dominions are close to each other, and who try to have (more or less) peaceful relations. A charter is usually led by one of the Nobles that have amassed the largest amount of artifacts, servants and retainers.
Unworthy – Survivors. Based on the Survivors’ unwillingness to search for and use artifacts.
Noble – a person in possession of an artifact ‘weapon’. This also covers all non-military objects that can nevertheless be used offensively. The rank of Noble allows one to own land (basically, to defend an area against the intrusion of any other Unchainable).
Retainer – an Unchainable in the service of a Noble, who has been given an artifact weapon to use by his superiors. Retainers have the chance to receive a weapon of their own through outstanding service or luck. Sometimes called ‘knights’.
Servants – Shamen.

Shaman slang
Bound – human spirits residing in any object, living or inanimate (the Vessel). Also sometimes used as an adjective for the object itself.
Chained – Unchainable. ‘Unchainable’ actually comes as a denouncement of the shaman word.
Freemaker – a Shaman that focuses on freeing the Bound and returning them to human form. The ways this is done range from finding an object that the person desired before being Bound, to wrenching the spirit out of the Vessel through pure force of will at the time of the Question.
Garden – a place with a lot of Bound, mostly equal to a survivors’ Graveyard. However, Gardens are also defined by the purpose of the spirits based on their human desires right before the Question that bound them, so a single Graveyard may be segmented into multiple Gardens.
Gardener – a Shaman that has formed a spiritual bond with the Bound in a Garden and cares for their well-being, as well as the well-being of any living things that enters the Garden (the latter varies from Gardener to Gardener). With time Gardeners start to exert some influence over the actions of the Bound under their care.
Gathering – a location where shamen have created a living space that does not affect the surrounding Bound, and sometimes incorporates them.
Outside – everything beyond a Gathering’s borders.
Poor – short for ‘poor souls’, Survivors.
Revenant – a person possessed by an aggressive spirit.
Source, the – the (yet unknown) cause of the Question.
Speaker – a Shaman that focuses on communicating with the Bound. Higher forms of the Speaker art include ‘listening’ to the Bound without Touching the Vessels, as well as being able to sense the major thoughts and desires of living people as echoes of their own spirits.
Touch – contact made willingly between a person and the spirit in a Vessel. Requires minimal training to perform. People that carry and touch the same Vessel for a long time naturally develop some form of unconscious Touch.
Touched – any living thing that harbors a Bound in its/their body.
Vessel – any object, living or inanimate, that carries a Bound spirit.

Survivor slang
Graveyard – a place with a high concentration of Taint. City centers and heavily populated areas are usually giant Graveyards.
Haven – a village, usually heavily fortified and guarded, that has been cleared of any Tainted items. Havens are more common in the wilderness or suburban areas where there is less general Taint. Also provides protection from wild animals and human attackers (usually vandals).
Crazies – Shamen.
Taint – any item that carries a human spirit; the spirit itself; any unnatural effect caused by the Taint in an item.
Taintland – everything beyond the borders of a Haven.
Vandals – Unchainable.